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Brittany Nicole's Page!

Something to Love

By Grannett Ann Schultz


Little girls need something to love,

Something to have for their own ---

A puppy so playful, a kitten so warm

To cuddle and cherish alone.

Little girls have such tender heart

With so much affection to give,

Their little arms ache for something to hold

Each day in this life that they live.


Little boys are precious and ever so dear,

They too need a pet they can keep ---

It might be a turtle to fondly caress,

A duck or a wee golden peep.

Dear little cowboy a weary from play

At last tumbles into his bed,

His tiny arms holding a small shaggy pup

And strocking that soft furry head.


Everyone longing for something to love,

Something alive and so real,

Whatever it is, it's a little girl's dream

And a little boy's playmate ideal.

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