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Yup! That's right! This dragon can't always spell or write well but I shure do know how to have fun!

So check out the new stuff added!!!

We have been working hard on adding new pages to our sites like: a maze at the dragon page, cat cartoons at Bridget's page, blackpowder and grand children stuff at my husbands pages, and new sites added from Kristens web pages! So come and join the fun and surf our web pages and enjoy!

The music you are listening to is from Chrono Trigger the Battle theme. You can find this song and more at Cato's Page of SquareSoft Glee .

This is my first hompage and I had alot of fun making it. It has lots of different kinds of things to see and do. As you can see I love dragons, cats, fantasy, fishing, music and fun! I have included links to all of my families pages and much, much more. I hope that you enjoy my pages and e-mail me with any ideas you may have. By the way Dragons love mail! Yup, they shure doooo!!!

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Please sign my guest book and let me know if you have any ideas for my web pages or if any link fails to work or you just want to say "Hi" you can e-mail me! I would love to hear for you. Even dragons like getting e-mail. Hint!! Hint!!!

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Most of these pictures, grafics, and backgrounds, music, are from other sites on the internet. As far as I know they are free to the asking, however if some pictures here are yours and you don't want them on my page, just email me and I will take them off. Thanks. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you.