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Hi my name is Bridget and I am 10 years old. The spice girls are my favorite band. I think that they have the best music I have ever heard and so I have made a page just for them, to allow other people to see how great they are.

Some really cool spice girl links!

Spice Girls - The Pencilcase

Spice Girls Midi Music Midis - Frames and No Frames

Geri Halliwell Worship Page

3D Spice Girls


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Come back and see me soon. I will add things to this page as I find them.

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Most of these pictures, grafics, and backgrounds, music, are from other sites on the internet. As far as I know they are free to the asking, however if some pictures here are yours and you don't want them on my page, just email me and I will take them off. Thanks. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you.